Jets hope to restructure Holmes

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, February 24th, 2013

The New York Jets are in salary cap hell even after releasing a number of veteran players. There isn’t much relief in site either unless they cut more or start restructuring contracts. There is one huge contract that sources say the Jets really want to restructure and that’s the contract of wide receiver Santonio Holmes.


That’s a huge contract for Holmes when you consider his career to date. It’s even bigger when you consider that he has had two Lisfranc surgeries since October. Players usually take a while to recover from one, recovering from two well that’s not a good thing.

Santonio has all the power as the Jets can’t release him because of the $7.5 million that’s guaranteed. They may be in salary cap hell but they’re not going to eat that much money for the guy to go sign elsewhere. So like I said, right now he’s got all the power.

Personally, I don’t think Holmes will restructure. He first never had any business getting a contract worth $11 million in one season. And he knows he’ll never see a contract like that again especially after his surgeries.

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