No Lohse in the Bronx

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2013

I guess New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman hasn’t said this enough, Kyle Lohse will not be pitching for the Bombers in 2013. With Phil Hughes recent shoulder injury though he was asked the question and forced to answer it once again.

This is why the Yankees are fishing around for a veteran to put at Triple-A (they plan to watch Chien-Ming Wang in the World Baseball Classic), though Cashman reiterated yesterday he has no interest in free agent Kyle Lohse. (New York Post)

The reason Cashman is forced to answer this questions is because Hughes may not start the season on time due to the bulging disc in his back. With the Yankees always in win now this has led many to speculate whether or not they’ll make a splash to sure up the rotation.

While the Yankees may sign someone Lohse isn’t a good idea at all. Yes, he’s a talented pitcher 2.86 ERA over 211 innings pitched in 2012 but he’s not worth the price. Even at this late point in the season he’ll cost them a decent amount of money but most importantly will cost them a draft pick. For a seriously aging team like the Yankees that’s something they simply can’t afford.

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