Leyland – I think I look pretty good until ….

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland is already up to his old tricks and having fun with reporters. Leyland spoke with reporters this morning before the Tigers first workout. Jim who has said in the past that he will never participate on Twitter did have his own iPad propped up on his desk. So you know they had to ask him about that.

“I FaceTimed with my wife this morning,” Leyland said Tuesday morning. “She looked good.”

Leyland was asked if he thought his wife said the same thing about him when their FaceTime session ended.

“She did not say that,” he said. “In fact, when I see myself on this FaceTime, I see what everybody says about how old I look. I think I look pretty good until I get on that camera. I look like (expletive). The wrinkles I don’t see in the mirror I see on there.” (MLive)

Funny stuff there and it’s what makes Spring Training fun at the beginning. Everyone is joking around and enjoying themselves before the long grind of the season.

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