Browns to double dip?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

While the Baltimore Ravens are busy celebrating their Super Bowl Championship the Cleveland Browns are trying to figure out how to raid their division rivals roster. According to there are two scenarios where they can do so. One is to sign Joe Flacco, no matter the cost and draft pick compensation. The other is to rob the defense of two key linebackers, Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe. On top of that the Browns are also eying players on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals.

What would benefit the Browns more?

Giving up two No. 1s to the Ravens and signing Flacco to a $100 million-plus contract?

Or stealing Kruger, a 3-4 pass rush linebacker, and Ellerbe, Ray Lewis’ replacement in the middle of the Ravens’ defense, while keeping first-round picks in 2013 (No. 6 overall) and 2014? (ESPN)


The question on what would benefit the team more is a great question. Would you rather have an elite quarterback or two very good linebackers who can help in the transition to the Browns new 3-4 defense?

The Browns defense was middle of the pack in 2012 while the offense, well it was in it’s usual bottom tier. It’s what happens when you have six different Week One quarterbacks in six years. Flacco would make number seven but he’d at least be around for a while. The question is though do you mortgage the teams future? That’s where things get sticky.

While Flacco has turned into a franchise quarterback I don’t think the Browns should go that route. With the money and draft pick compensation they wouldn’t be able to fill the many other holes on their team. His salary alone would eat up about half of their free salary cap space.

The report says the Browns are interested in players from the Steelers and Bengals as well.

Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace and cornerback Keenan Lewis would be perfect fits on the list of Browns’ needs. Cincinnati might offer two “little splash” buys – outside linebacker Manny Lawson and kicker Mike Nugent. (ESPN)

All our intriguing options and could definitely help the Browns in more ways then one especially when teamed up with various Ravens.

It will be a fun off season in Cleveland once free agency opens. No matter who they sign they’ll be some old fashioned “double dipping” taking place but who knows if it actually hurts their rivals. Remember this is the Browns we’re talking about.

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