A-Rod = A-Gone?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez underwent hip surgery last week and isn’t due back with the team till mid-season. Many have thought is that doable with how long he waited till he had the surgery? Is it possible he misses the entire season? Well today general manager Brian Cashman dropped a bombshell when he said it is possible that A-Rod misses the entire 2013 season.

“Yeah,” Cashman replied when asked if there was a chance that A-Rod could miss the entire season. “I think because (of) the serious nature of the surgery and the condition that he’s trying to recover from, you know, there is that chance.”

The Yankees said in a statement after A-Rod’s surgery that recovery was anticipated to take six months, but Cashman warned that “there’s no guarantees in this stuff.” (CBS NY)

Now no one should take this indication as A-Rod will miss the whole season. Cashman was asked about A-Rod and his future and simply said this is would be the worst case scenario.

The general manager is being optimistic, but also realistic about the future of the 37-year-old.

“Best case scenario, yeah he should be back,” Cashman said. “Worst case scenario he won’t be back, or there might be something in between.”(CBS NY)

What I take from this is that it’s pretty likely Kevin Youkilis winds up the teams full-time third baseman, even if Rodriguez comes back mid-season. I’d assume A-Rod will wind up the teams full-time designated hitter.

While Cashman did drop that bombshell there is good news around Rodriguez and the injury. A few days ago Dr. Brian Kelly told the team cartilage damage in A-Rod’s hip wasn’t as severe as they thought it would be. The timetable for return would still be the same it should just make things go a little smoother.

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