Todd Helton – One last ride

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Colorado Rockies veteran first baseman Todd Helton has decided to make 2013 his last ride. Helton had a horrendous 2012 that was riddled with injuries, a bothersome hip and a torn labrum. That’s a lot to comeback from regardless of age, let alone when you’re 39 like he is. Even so he’s still got that desire to play and wants to give it one last go round.

“I am back baby,” Helton said with a laugh. “When you are 39 years old, coming off hip surgery, those things don’t really go good together when you are talking about a baseball player. There was some uncertainty and doubt after last season. But as I got into it, it only fueled my appetite to keep playing and keep getting better.” (Denver Post)

Even with that Helton wasn’t sure if a comeback was meant to be. He didn’t want to come back and just play, he wanted to play for a competitive team. A team that had a chance to win. And well new manager Walt Weiss convinced him.

“We sat down at breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, where else? It was a good thing. Talking to him got me excited and rarin’ to go,” Helton said. “He has high expectations for us, but he’s also a realist and knows that we have a lot of work to do if we are going to get back into the postseason.” (Denver Post)

While I don’t see the Rockies being a playoff favorite and I don’t see Helton being much better then last years .238 and 37 runs batted in, it will be nice to see him have one last hoorah. For everything he’s accomplished in his career it would suck to see his career end because of injury.

Hopefully 2013 is a healthy one and Helton can go out on his own terms.

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