Matt Flynn moving on?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Matt Flynn was one of the big prizes in last years free agency class and a prize that the Seattle Seahawks won. It was such a great prize that they paid $19 million for three years, with $10 million guaranteed. Only problem is they paid all that money for a backup quarterback. So with the emergence of Russell Wilson will the ‘Hawks cut ties?

Q: Russell Wilson has worked out better than expected for Seattle, while they also acquired Matt Flynn last summer. Flynn is paid very well for a backup. Do you see any quarterback-needy teams making a play for him or Seattle trying to shop for such a move?

Nathanael in Belle Plaine, Minn.

A: The Seahawks are dealing from a position of strength. They have cap room and they have two good quarterbacks, but clearly Wilson is a star on the rise. Flynn has looked good in his limited time on the field. I question whether there is trade value because of his contract. His $6.5 million a year salary isn’t bad if you believe in him as a starting quarterback. The Seahawks have the luxury of shopping him and seeing if they can get value. If not, then they can cut him and move on. (John Clayton –

I’ve thought all along the Seahawks would try and move Flynn in the spring of 2013 but Clayton has a point. The team is dealing from a position of strength as they don’t have to make a deal.

Yes, Flynn’s contract is high as a backup but with the cap room they have it’s a luxury they can afford. Especially when their starter Wilson isn’t making much at all, $2.99 million over four years. He’s also a backup that could step right in and lead the offense should Wilson get hurt or regress in 2013.

For a Super Bowl contender that has money to spend, that’s a great luxury and one they can’t just squander away.

I can’t see them letting Flynn walk away for nothing this spring. I think they’ll entertain trade offers and if one is to their liking, then they’ll make a move. If not they’ll sit on him. I couldn’t see them cutting him till the 2013 season was over, once Wilson proves he has staying power.

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