Rick Porcello a trade candidate?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Could the Detroit Tigers trade youngster Rick Porcello? According to CBS Sports Danny Knobler it’s a real possibility. Porcello burst onto the scene in 2009 as a hot shot rookie but quickly fell back to earth. Now, Porcello looks like your average run of the mill middle of the rotation guy. So whose calling and why?

If the Tigers want to trade Rick Porcello, they’ll have no problem finding a taker.

Plenty of teams are interested, and quite a few National League teams asked about him at last week’s winter meetings, sources say.(CBS Sports Danny Knobler)

So there you guy it’s National League teams calling which makes perfect sense. Porcello’s been known for having a high batting average against and a tendency to give up the long ball.

In the American League he’s also been absued by the bottom portion of the lineups, where 7-9 hitters have hit .279 with 19 homers in his four-year career. Those are numbers similar to the top three batters in a lineup.

If you throw him into bigger National League parks with weaker bottom portions of the lineups then he could become a much different pitcher. Many middle of the rotation guys in the AL have become pretty solid pitchers when in the NL. There’s another big reason teams in the National League are looking at him.

He’s 24 and still under team control. He’ll probably earn between $4-5 million in arbitration for 2013 and is also under team control for 2014. So whatever team gets him will get a decent pitcher, who has shown flashes of brilliance at a very reasonable price for multiple years.

There’s just one catch the Tigers would have to re-sign Anibal Sanchez or find another pitcher to take his spot.

For now, though, Porcello isn’t available. For now, the Tigers need him.

That could change if the Tigers are able to re-sign free agent Anibal Sanchez, something they’d still very much like to do.(CBS Sports Danny Knobler)

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