Red Sox interested in Hunter

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

After finishing in last place there are many questions about what direction the Boston Red Sox are going. Are they rebuilding? Are they retooling? No one knows and after what I read today I really have no clue what they’re thinking. Rob Bradford of WEEI says that the team is showing interest in aging old outfielder Torii Hunter.

The 37 year-old (who turns 38 in July) has expressed interest in playing in Boston in the past, in large part because of the presence of his longtime friend, Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz.

“I’m open to anybody, especially if David is there,” Hunter told in late August. “David is one of my guys. We were roommates in Minnesota and he’s one of my brothers. He’s one of my best friends in baseball. That makes it more impressive.”

Monday night, after a press conference announcing his new two-year, $26 million deal with the Red Sox, Ortiz said he had already been in touch with Hunter regarding the possibility of coming to the Red Sox.

“I talked to him the other day because he heard Texas was going to try and sign me, because his mind might have changed. He said, ‘If I was going to think about Boston it is because you are there.’ I told him not to worry,” Ortiz said.(Rob Bradford – WEEI)

Don’t get me wrong Torii had a damn good 2012, he batted .313 with 16 homers and 92 runs batted in. There’s reason to be considered though, look at the lineup he was in.

Hunter’s power numbers were slightly down and his batting average was significantly above career norms. He was also a strikeout machine, with a career high 133. That’s not a good number, especially when you consider Hunter hit 126 singles by far the most in his career. Tons of strikeouts for a singles hitter? Ummm, not good.

Even so in a lineup like the Angels he’s proven he can still be a nice complimentary piece, just not the star. Put him on a contender that has a strong lineup and he’ll be an asset. Unfortunately, the Red Sox are no where close to the Angels, they’re not a contender and their lineup leaves a lot to be desired.

It will be interesting to see where he winds up but in my opinion, if Hunter wants to win the Texas Rangers are his best option. If it’s about being with his best friend David Ortiz, then Boston is the way to go.

If Boston gives him a nice salary though will the Nation revolt? It will be more of the same old, same old when the team needs a change.

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