VIDEO: Rasheed Wallace buzzer beater

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As I said in the last post I went to the New York Knicks game in Philly tonight and J.R. Smith had the play of the game. While that may be so no player electrified the crowd then Philly native Rasheed Wallace. EVERY time Sheed touched the ball the crowd would start to chant SHEEEEED and every time he hoisted a three you’d hear the chant even louder or a collective sigh. You would think you were at Madison Square Garden with how much the fans were behind a visiting player.

The loudest cheers though came at the end of the second quarter when Rasheed threw up a prayer right before the buzzer that went nothing but net with Lavoy Allen in his face.

Don’t forget to watch the video of J.R. Smith throwing down a nasty dunk against the Sixers.

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