Mario Williams loves the boos

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Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams made his first visit to Reliant Stadium this weekend after leaving the Houston Texans. Buffalo lost the game 21-9 but Mario had a decent game with five tackles and a sack. The highlight for him was getting booed after an easy sack of Matt Schaub.

“It was great,” Williams said of the boos. “The biggest thing for me is if you go out and make a play and get booed, I know I’m in your heart. That’s the most important thing.

“If it’d been quiet, then I would’ve felt something different. I know you’re thinking about me.” (Buffalo News)

Not surprising to hear Mario say that. Every player wants to put up a great performance against his former team(s). The team may not have won the game but the way the crowd responded showed him how much he meant to them.

Unlike Asante Samuel who wanted to get cheered verse the Philadelphia Eagles, I’d think every player would love to get booed like crazy. It shows how much you meant to the fans and how mad they are that you aren’t with them anymore.

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