VIDEO: London gets Gronked

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Whenever the NFL visits London the league goes all out on the P.R., even more so when the New England Patriots are playing. The league held a press conference at Trafalgar Square this morning and from the sounds of it, it sounds like it turned out to be quite entertaining. Rob Gronkowski and his wild boy ways were definitely the highlight as he listened when the crowd asked and spiked the mic.

Before I get to the video highlight of Gronkowski here are a few quotes from Patriots players:

Kraft was the first to speak, and he reenforced his stance that London deserves an NFL team.

“Absolutely, you’re already hosting a Premier League, and we believe we’re the premier sport in the world,” Kraft said. “I think London has shown with the way they’ve handled the Olympics and every other major sporting event that it’s time for you to have your own NFL franchise based in London.”

Brady also took the mike and was greeted by a fan who screamed, “Brady, you suck!” The quarterback replied, “I’ve heard worse, trust me. I’ve heard worse.”

Belichick: “It’s great. We were out here in ‘09. It’s fun to be back out here again. It’s always great to be in London. I love London.”

Welker: “It’s been really cool. It’s a great city. We’ve really enjoyed ourselves.”

Lloyd: “We’re ready to play. We’ve been preparing all week to come out here and put on a performance, and we’re excited to be out here. We’re going to use the energy that our Patriots fans are going to provide for us.”

Trafalgar SquareMesko: “I feel a lot more at home here. It’s closer to home. It’s great to be here. To play in such a great venue, such as Wembley, it’s going to be special.” (Boston Herald)

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