Victor Cruz flips on backflip

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Many New York Giants fans, myself included, jumped out of their seats when rookie back David Wilson broke free for a 40 yard touchdown run. It was the rookies first career touchdown and a big step in getting himself out of coach Tom Coughlin’s doghouse. It was exciting and showed his amazing speed but the problem with the run is with what followed. Wilson did a backflip and I immediately yelled at the television, “WTF are you doing???” Some of Wilson’s teammates obviously felt the same way but the one who chastised him the most surprised me.

Victor Cruz was amused with David Wilson’s touchdown celebration, but warned the rookie not to do it again. Wilson punctuated his 40-yard TD – the first of his career – in the fourth quarter with a backflip.

“I told him he better not do that again,” said Cruz, who’s known for his own TD-celebrating salsas. “If he gets hurt doing that, it’s gonna be a problem . . . We don’t need him landing that on his back or anything.”

Wilson wasn’t worried, saying it’s something he’s done before. (NY Post – The Blue Screen)

Cruz became famous not for his production but for his own end zone celebration. Yes, Cruz’s production would have made him a star but the dance is what made the fans love him. So hearing Cruz be the one to yell at Wilson kind of surprised me. I know, I know the salsa dance doesn’t risk injury like the backflip. I just found it interesting that Cruz was the one to step up and say something.

“It’s just something I learned when I was real young,” said Wilson, who finished with two carries for 44 yards, along with four kickoff returns for 54 yards. “When I was drafted, one of the commentators said, ‘I can’t wait to see you do a backflip after you score.’ So I just did it that one time for him. You might see it again.” (ESPN)

Wilson’s not worried but hopefully he listens and doesn’t do it again.

In other NFL news, Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin suffered a concussion on this play.

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  2. LD says:

    Well,it’s true that he Wilson probably shouldn’t do any more backflips. On the other hand,I’m sick to death of Cruz doing the Salsa. I know it’s a tribute to his grandmother,but it’s played out…really.played.out.

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