The Hawk is the king “homer”

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

The Wall Street Journal did a study to find out how biased baseball announcers and some of their findings were of no surprise. Their study found that Chicago White Sox announcer Ken “Hawk” Harrelson was the biggest “homer” and Los Angeles Dodgers Vin Scully was the least biased. On both of those any baseball fan will go, “really?? you needed a study to figure that out?”. Better yet all of us sports bloggers would all just say, “no shit! we’ve said it for years.” Here’s what I like about this study, Harrelson loves the fact that he is the king “homer”.

“”You just made my day,” Harrelson told the newspaper. “That’s the biggest compliment you could give me, to call me the biggest homer in baseball.”

The newspaper listened to nine innings of one game for 30 teams, charting what it considered biased comments. Harrelson [and Stone] had 104 during a 2-1 victory against the Texas Rangers on July 5, the game that was charted.
The next closest pair of announcers were the Cleveland Indians’ Rick Manning and Matt Underwood with 23.

“I have my detractors, no doubt about it,” Harrelson said. “I look at it as a compliment.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

Personally, I hate watching White Sox broadcasts because of Harrelson. “You can put it on the board” is one of the most annoying lines I’ve ever heard and if you’re a fan of any other team it’s absolutely nerve racking when you hear the enthusiasm he says it with. But you know what? I’m sure any White Sox fan loves it and those are the people he’s speaking too, as it is the Sox broadcast.

Now on this Wall Street Journal list there were two big surprises to me. That was that my own New York Yankees broadcast team of Paul O’Neill, Ken Singleton and Michael Kay were listed as one of the most unbiased. With a 0 rating for homer type calls. I’ve watched many Yankees games and I find that hard to believe. Singleton and O’Neill do a great job calling a game the way it is, but Michael Kay???? He’s always Yankees this, Yankees that.

The other was the Boston Red Sox. How many times can they litter a broadcast with talk of Red Sox Nation and not get called bias? Especially when Jerry Remy is the Nation’s god.

Only thing I can think of is that those announcers will also rip into their teams when doing bad, I’m not sure.

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