Vick’s job on the line?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012

Could the Michael Vick days in Philadelphia be numbered? By the sounds of things today it seems that way. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid addressed his quarterback struggles today and didn’t give a true vote of confidence.

‏@Jeff_McLane: Reid in changing QBs: We’ll evaluate it as we go here.

I’m quite surprised by Reid’s interview today because he was his typical self but not. Andy gave his usual “I have to do a better job as football coach” statement but went against the grain when talking about his quarterback. I said he went against the grain because Reid typically backs his QB up through thick and thin only to pull him when he’s least expecting it.

Some are going to argue that Vick’s receivers and offensive line aren’t helping him out and that I’ll agree with. While I’d like to say that’s a huge reason for his problems it’s not, the problem is the same it’s always been his decision making.

I’ll say what I’ve said for a while, if the Eagles want to win a championship they need someone other then Vick at QB. He’s a great athlete, one of the best in the league, but not a great decision maker as he suffers lapses at the most in opportune times.

I’ve always argued that the Eagles won’t with Reid at the helm and I still stand by that. I think Andy going against character and not supporting his quarterback is HUGGGEEEE. In my opinion, him doing this is showing the pressures of having his own job on the line.

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  1. […] During today’s press conference was asked whether or not he was committed to Vick as his starting quarterback. His repsonse via Tim McManus of, “Today, I am.” Not exactly a glowing endorsement and even worse then the comments Reid made about Vick a couple weeks ago. […]

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