Manti Teo – Pinkett who?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Yesterday, Notre Dame great Allen Pinkett made a big stir when he said that the Fighting Irish needed to bring in more “bad citizens” or “criminals” to be exact. After Thursday’s practice today star linebacker Manti Te’o was asked what he thought about Pinkett’s comments. His response was classic, simply classic.

Te’os first reaction after Thursday’s brief practice at the training pitch at Aviva Stadium when asked about to respond to Pinkett: “Who?”

“More criminals? He said that?” Te’o added. “No, we just need more ballplayers and more guys that love to play the game. That’s all.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

Without hearing the tone of the voice I can’t tell if Te’o’s “Who?” was a joke or not but it was pretty funny. If it wasn’t a joke well then that’s kind of troubling. I mean Pinkett was an All-American for the Irish and he’s currently the teams color commentator.

I like his response though for another reason. Te’o is right the Irish just need more ballplayers, the team just doesn’t get the talent it used to get. Those guys don’t necessarily have to be “criminals” just guys that are talented and pretty much live for the game. Once they do that the team will get back to the level it once was.


On a side note, Pinkett did issue an apology and said he’d accept any punishments. He was on the flight to Dublin for the opener so I seriously doubt any punishments come from it. I don’t think the comments were severe enough to warrant any.

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