Flynn already a bust?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Most people doubted that Matt Flynn would be worth the money that the Seattle Seahawks gave him in free agency. Well those people may be right as three weeks into the preseason the Seahawks have a quarterback controversy on their hands. Based on injuries and performance head coach Pete Carroll has a tough choice does he go with the money guy or his third round pick Russell Wilson.

Coach Pete Carroll hasn’t come out and said so, but the way Wilson played Friday, dissecting the Chiefs defense, and with high-priced free agent acquisition Matt Flynn plagued by a sore arm, it seems as though it might be Wilson’s job to lose.

“He’s done everything we’ve asked him,” coach Pete Carroll said, via the team’s official website. “When John [Schneider, the GM] was excited about drafting him and we got the momentum going to make that pick, this is guy we hoped that he would be.” (CBS Sports)

When the Seahawks first made the pick of Wilson I thought hmmm interesting, why would they spend major money on a starter and then draft an early round QB. To me it sounded like they still weren’t sure about Flynn so bring in someone who could possibly develop. Well now after hearing Carroll’s comments that thought sounds like it’s the truth.

Both guys played in the first two games here’s their stats:

Wilson: 22-33 for 279 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. Eight rushes for 92 yards.
Flynn: 17-26 for 102 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. Two rushes for six yards.

Some will say well Wilson played against the second and third unit defenses. That may be so but when you break it down even further, Flynn was 6-13 for 31 yards. Yes, 31 yards. He’s thoroughly been outplayed.

In the third game Wilson played against the Kansas City Chiefs first unit and here’s his stat line: 13-19 for 185 yards with touchdowns and two rushes for 58 yards. The team scored on their first six possessions, all with Flynn under center. That’s solid.

There’s something other then the passing numbers that I noticed and that’s his running ability. His ability to tuck and run for good yardage adds another dynamic to the Seahawks offense. It will give the defenses something else to think about and help Carroll open up his playbook more.


What it’s probably going to come down is health, despite the fact that Wilson has outplayed Flynn. Flynn’s been given a lot of money and the Seahawks have to give him an early chance to prove he’s worth it but will his arm let him do so?

Flynn’s missed a couple practices and the Chiefs game this week due to a sore arm. Seeing his low yardage totals I wonder if that arms been bothering him all summer. If his arm stays sore and he can’t go he may never see the field for the Seathawks.

If he gets healthy and struggles get ready for a VERY early QB controversy in Seattle.

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