Vick 80% and eyeing return

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

He’s only six snaps and two games into the preseason and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is already banged up. Almost to the extent that you’d expect mid-season. Vick admitted to reporters that he’s only at about 80% health but hopes to be ready to go for the season opener against the Cleveland Browns.

“I can only do what I can do,” Vick said to USA Today. “I’m feeling better. Hanging in there. Trying to make it to September 9.” (Birds Eye View –

Head coach Andy Reid is going to do his best to get his QB ready for the opener. We all have heard how he plans to keep him off the field for the final two preseason games. With how his offensive line has played that’s a great idea isn’t it?

Michael is very injury prone and usually does one of two things, holds the ball to long or scrambles around till he gets hit hard. So keeping him off the field when it doesn’t matter is a good thing. The only problem is how does that change once the regular season starts?

Does Vick change who he is? Does Vick change his strategy?

Michael doesn’t plan on doing any of that.

In response to criticism that he is still not taking the necessary precautions in protecting himself, Vick said that he was “trying to do the best” that he can.

“I just let everything happen in that moment,” Vick said. “I can’t go to the line dictating what I’m going to do. I can’t go to the line trying to predict everything that I’m going to do. That would hurt you’re game a little bit, because I might miss somebody getting open. I have to go through my progressions to the best of my abilities.” (Birds Eye View –

In my opinion, I’m glad that Vick isn’t going to change how he plays the game. I’ve always knocked Michael for his tendency to get injured but that’s something that comes with his style of play. His style has what’s made him successful and if people want him to continue to have success he can’t change who he is.

Unfortunately for Eagles fans, they’re going to have to come to expect their starting QB to play around 80% healthy. That’s still better then over half of the quarterbacks in the league but is it enough to bring this team to the promise land?

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