Madden 13 – Top 10 QBs

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

EA Sports released NCAA Football ’13 a couple weeks ago and now NFL Training Camps have started so that means only one thing. Gamers are starting to get that itch, the itch to play Madden ’13 that is. EA Sports knows this is and loves to take advantage with teasers, yesterday they released the Top 10 QB’s in the game via YouTube. The video was hosted by Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk.

The top portion of the list wasn’t too surprising to me but the bottom half was. Before I get into that here’s the video.

Here’s that list in list form for those of you who got bored.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: 99 overall
2. Tom Brady, New England Patriots: 98 overall
3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: 98 overall
4. Eli Manning, New York Giants: 97 overall
5. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: 95 overall
6. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos: 93 overall
7. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers: 92 overall
8. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: 91 overall
9. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys: 90 overall
10. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles: 89 overall

First, I’m surprised that Peyton Manning is #6 on the list after missing the entire year due to injury. My guess is that EA Sports figures he’ll be the Peyton of old in 2013 and gave him a pass. If they did I at least hope they have lowered his injury number from prior games, drastically.

Two, I’d have Matthew Stafford in Manning’s spot he was just that good in 2012. Yes, he had Megatron helping him out but you’ve got to have talent to put up numbers like he did. Regardless a 91 ratings for someone with his experience is still pretty damn good.

Third, I’m not against Tony Romo holding the ninth spot. People will argue he’s overrated and hasn’t done anything in his career to warrant a 90 rating but I disagree. Look at what he did in 2011 and you’ll see he actually had a damn good season. Fourth in passer rating, fifth in touchdowns thrown, seventh in yardage and protected the ball quite well, only ten interceptions and three fumbles lost.

Lastly, where is Cam Newton??? I think you could make a case for him taking the tenth spot from Michael Vicks. Hopefully his rating is the same or just a tick below. Then again it could be EA Sports just ranking a one-year guy lower then he should be.

What are your thoughts? I’m sure the one thing we can all agree on is this, at least Tim Tebow is not on the list.

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