Three more Razorbacks arrested

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, May 12th, 2012

The University of Arizona football program is having one hell of a spring. CBS Sports reports that three more players were arrested today, yes I did say more. The program has now had six football players arrested over the past two months. The worst part about it is that it looks like the guys didn’t get much value in return for what they took. So basically they got arrested for being stupid, which obviously they must be.

Wide receivers Maudrecus Humphrey and Marquel Wade (pictured), along with tight end Andrew Peterson, were all arrested on Saturday and charged with residential burglary. The trio was booked Saturday into the Washington County Detention Center, where Humphry and Peterson were charged with nine counts of residential burglary. Wade was charged with one count of residential burglary.

According to the police, the thefts took place over the course of a week, with 10 reports of stolen items from the Northwest Quad dormitories.

Video from the location showed the three Arkansas players going into dorm rooms and taking items such as textbooks, laptops, DVDs and cash. The cash value of the stolen items comes to $4,817. (CBS Sports)

Here’s the worst part in my opinion. The Arkansas News reports that the guys were selling the stuff at the Campus Bookstore! For all of you who went to college you know why this is makes the guys even dumber. The bookstore is usually the one stealing from the students! They don’t pay SHIT when you sell stuff back.

A clerk in the Campus Bookstore later identified Peterson, Humphrey and Wade as having been in the store “multiple times” selling textbooks. Textbooks and other stolen property also were recovered from Peterson’s suite in the Northwest Quads. (Arkansas News)

Obviously all three of the players have been suspended indefinitely. Like they should.

“Marquel Wade, Maudrecus Humphrey and Andrew Peterson have been suspended indefinitely,” coach John L. Smith said in a statement. “We have high standards for our student-athletes and I expect them to conduct themselves appropriately. Poor conduct and misbehavior will not be tolerated and is not what we expect from the University of Arkansas football program.” (CBS Sports)

The only good thing for the football program out of all of this is that none of the players were major contributors. Only Wade had a chance of being an important piece to the team as he was expected to be their return specialist.

Now for these idiots hopefully they learn from these stupid, absolutely stupid, mistakes or there won’t be much a future in their lives.

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