Rams shopping Steven Jackson

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

As the NFL Draft approaches were hearing about more and more veteran players hitting the market. Now we get word that the St. Louis Rams are shopping running back Steven Jackson. It’s actually no surprise after yesterdays news that Jackson wants to redo his contract, it’s something the team just can’t do. So what can the team expect to get in return? Who may show interest?

@evansilva: #Rams will shop Steven Jackson during draft, but $7M base in ’12 & ’13. So much wear on tires. S-Jax nets 4th-round pick, best case.

In my opinion that would be a pretty good haul for the Rams considering Steven’s contract. It’s also a good haul when you consider the Rams are drafting sixth would give them a good chance at Jackson’s replacement. That’s of course if Trent Richardson dropped that far.

So what team might like a back like Jackson? How about the New England Patriots.

@evansilva: RT @SiClancy Watch Steven Jackson end up in New England … Spent last season with McDaniels. Pats already kicking tires on vet RBs.

Much like Asante Samuel with the Eagles who knows where he winds up but it should be fun talking about the next few days.

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