Falcons potential suitor for Asante

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles asking price for Asante Samuel has dropped there are plenty of teams lining up to acquire the corner. We’ve heard the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans mentioned over the last couple days but Jay Glazer adds another team to the mix, the Atlanta Falcons.

@JayGlazer: Another team to watch jumping into the Asante Samuel trade talk is Atlanta, who has had talks w Philly last couple of days.

Even thou Atlanta could really use the secondary help there are two reasons though why a trade may be tough for the Falcons.

1. The draft pick. The Eagles are rumored to be okay with just a fifth or sixth round pick. It’s not much but the Falcons don’t have that many picks to play with. They’ve only got five picks before the seventh round, which isn’t much at all.

2. Money. Samuel will renegotiate his contract with the team who trades for him, it’s the only way he can get himself out of Philly. The problem is Atlanta already has big contracts with two other corners, Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes. Even after a renegotiate can they afford spending money like that on three corners?

Only thing that’s clear is that Asante’s days in Philly a number but where does he land?

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