Nate Robinson unsure of future

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Golden State Warriors guard Nate Robinson is unsure of his future with the team. He’s said he likes Golden State and would like to be back but isn’t too optimistic about his chances. Nate’s had a rebound year with the Warriors averaging 11.2 points, 2.0 rebounds and 4.5 assists over 51 games, mainly off the bench.

@gswscribe: Nate Robinson, a free agent-to-be, said he would like to stay with Warriors, but he’s not getting his hopes up. He knows how the game is played: “I had a great time. I love the guys on the team. Coaches have been great. Fans have been AWESOME. This would be a great place for me. But you never know what happens. … So you’ve got to play it by ear. Can’t be like ‘this is going to happen’ … It never happens that way. So that’s why you take it one day at a time and count your blessings.”

The numbers I mentioned prior would make 2011-12 undeniably his best season since 2009-10. That was the season that he was traded to the Boston Celtics and started his downward spiral.

The Warriors have been tanking over the last couple weeks and during that time Nate has flourished, showing he could still be an offensive force. He’s also shown that he’s still a huge injury risk as he’s expected to miss the rest of the season with an injured hamstring.

Thanks to his increase in numbers he’s probably going to want a raise from his just under $1 million contract. While the Warriors will probably say no thanks and look towards their future instead.

My question is would he stay around the veteran minimum to stay in Golden State? If he likes playing their so much and the team offered, he would take. So is this all talk or not? Hmmmm..

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