Utley hopes to be on field

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, March 17th, 2012

It appears Chase Utley is starting to feel the same way as Philadelphia Phillies fans. The fans are want and are hoping he’ll be back on the field soon, especially with Ryan Howard on the shelf. Well good news is Chase also hopes to be on the field. Wait hopes to be on the field? Is that good?

s I wrote the last couple days, there has been very little information regarding Chase Utley‘s chronic right knee condition.

But Utley stopped briefly today to say this: “We’re making progress. I hope to be on the field next week.”

That’s all I’ve got, but that’s more than he has said since he last talked about his condition Feb. 23. Does being on the field mean he will be in a Grapefruit League game next week? Or does it mean he will start taking fielding practice? We will see next week, but maybe Utley will be ready by Opening Day, which the Phillies have maintained since the beginning of spring. (Todd Zolecki – The Zo Zone)

I’d say it’s a good thing. This is the first time we’ve heard Chase say anything about his knee situation. Only people we’ve heard from has been Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro Jr. So this is definitely a good sign, even if his quote is kind of cryptic.

I personally think the Phillies have just been holding him back in hopes that he can last the full season and told him to stay quiet while they do so.

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