Packers still interested in Grant

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

The Green Bay Packers are interested in bringing free agent running back Ryan Grant but not till they let him test the market. His agent, Alan Herman, thinks that a market will setup back for the back but he’s not sure what that will bring for his client.

“He will hit free agency,” Herman said Tuesday. “But they gave us an indication they would like to have him back. I have to sit down with Ryan in the next few days and see what he wants to do. I haven’t talked to him about it yet. I’m sure he’s open to that (returning). On the other hand, being a free agent is enticing.” (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Herman said he has heard enough talk in NFL circles that there will be a market for Grant, but where that might be and how much that might yield are things Herman said are to be determined. He said Grant will go into free agency with an eye for the best fit, and undoubtedly money will play some part in it. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

His agent also says that Grant has interest in rejoining the Packers but it will most likely come down to what it always does, the money. Grant took a decent sized pay cut in 2011 after an injury plagued 2010 which is why the money is so important. I just wonder if it will be there.

The Packers are putting their money on the chance that it won’t be. In my mind that’s the only reason why they’ll be letting him test the free agent market. If another team wants to pay him decent money then so be it. If no one else does they’ll be there with the incentive laden contract.

I wonder if the organization that cut him loose early in his career will try to correct that mistake, you know the New York Giants hmmm.

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