Saints and Brees far apart

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I hate using this as my start since it is New Orleans but could another hurricane be brewing in the Gulf? There’s a report from Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports saying that the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees are far apart on a contract, about $5 million per year. That’s a pretty big number especially when you consider how much Brees has meant to this team and his high level of play.

That was the word coming out of the NFL scouting combine this past week, when Saints general manager Mickey Loomis tried to define Brees as “very good” when the quarterback was called “great,” according to three league sources. All three sources were asking Loomis why it was taking so long to sign Brees to a contract extension. Loomis’ answer spoke volumes. (Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports)

As of Thursday, the sides remain roughly $5 million a year apart on a new contract.(Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports)

It amazes me to hear that Mickey Loomis doesn’t consider Drew Brees a great quarterback. He’s without a doubt top three in the league and more elite then Eli. He’s the head of the current Greatest Show on Turf and I don’t think there’s any other quarterback that can run that offense as efficiently as he does. For Loomis to not see this is absolutely insane.

In reality though I think he does see this but because of financial constraints he’s trying to play hardball. Here’s the deal though Brees is not the guy you want to play hardball with. Any team in the NFL that needs a QB will pounce on the chance to sign him.

He’s got to know teams like the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins and a slew of others would jump on the chance to sign a QB of Brees caliber. Especially one like the ‘Skins who could have made the playoffs in 2011 if they had a legitimate signal caller.

In the end, I think a deal will get done that keeps Brees in New Orleans but this bears watching. Things could get really ugly really fast and they could seriously risk losing a guy who helped save an organization.

Take a look at the Jason Cole article though it’s a good read and goes much more in depth.

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