Cabrera impressing at third

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012

It’s only a couple days into camp but the Detroit Tigers coaching staff is impressed with what they see from Miguel Cabrera. I know many will go no surprise we know the guy will rake but no they’re impressed with his play at third base.

“He’s working with the infield instructors,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said, “and everybody’s really thrilled with what they’re seeing.”

Position players participated in their first full workout Friday, so Cabrera has not spent much time at third yet. But Leyland said it isn’t too early to see some things about Cabrera.

“Just how his hands look, how his actions look,” Leyland said. “(He’s) throwing to second, throwing to bases. He’s doing fine.” (

So basically the guy can throw the ball. Whoop-de-doo that doesn’t surprise me. If my memory serves me correctly he did have a pretty good arm for an outfielder. In 2005, he finished second in the league with 12 assists from left, not bad. So seeing a guy like that who can throw a ball from third to second and first is no big deal.

There is one thing in the MLive post that says this is something that is just putting a positive spin out there for the fans. All Miggy did was field SLOW rollers, nothing hard, slow rollers.

Tigers third basemen worked on fielding slow rollers during their infield work Sunday. (

So yea, let’s just wait and see what happens when Cabrera starts fielding some hot shots, has to play the bunt and try to save line drive doubles down the line.

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