Wilson Chandler to sign with Nuggets?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

It appears that Wilson Chandler will be re-signing with the Denver Nuggets once he returns from China. The only problem is no one knows when his Chinese contract will end. Regardless once that deal has ended he won’t have to wait long for a new one to kick in.

@SpearsNBAYahoo: Restricted free agent forward Wilson Chandler plans to re-sign with Nuggets once he returns from China, his agent Chris Luchey told Y!Sports

@SpearsNBAYahoo: Luchey tells Y! there is “significant interest” from other teams, but Chandler will re-sign either to rest of season or long-term with DEN.

After reading these tweets tonight there was one thing surprised me. Some might think it’s the fact that there is “significant interest” from other teams but it’s not that. In my opinion that was expected, Chandler has been a solid performer over his five seasons, averaging 13.9 points and 5.2 rebounds per game.

What surprised me is that the deal could be long-term. I wasn’t expecting any team to offer a long-term deal to any free agent at this point in the season. Typically you would see teams sign pro-rated contracts and wait till the off season to work something out.

Guess things are different when it’s a talent like Chandler, especially with the maturity he’s shown this year. He signed a deal in China knowing full and well there was no opt-out clauses should the NBA Lockout end. While other players bitched and moaned when the lockout did end Chandler just went about his business. In fact he’s been nothing short of dominant over there averaging 26 points and 11.3 rebounds per game.


The only problem with Chandler joining the Nuggets is that knows when this will happen. The league he’s currently playing in has 17 teams and 8 of them make the playoffs. His team is currently in ninth place.

If his team were to miss the playoffs then his season would end on February 15th and he could be a NBA uniform within days.

If his team made the playoffs he could be playing till sometime in April depending on how far they go. That’s right April. So there’s a chance he won’t even play in 2012 which would make this only post worthless.

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  1. richard milner says:

    Go Wilson Chandler. Now the Nuggets are ever stronger. Maybe JR.

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