No Panic From Hawks

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, January 14th, 2012

The Atlanta Hawks have lost Al Horford with a torn pectoral muscle for three to four months but yet aren’t in any rush to find a replacement. Kind of strange when you think that the Hawks are 8-4 and currently a half game out of first place in the Southeast Division.

“The first impulse after getting the news about Al was ‘We’ve got to hurry up and do something, we’ve got to hurry up and do something.’ Things have settled down a little bit. We’ve made the decision not to get in a hurry to do anything. We’ll look and we’ll talk about the team and we’ll talk about possibilities. But we are not going to hit the panic button right now and start bringing in guys. We are not quite sure if that’s the actual move we want to make. We are still evaluating the situation.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Could the Hawks use another big man in the middle? Of course but having Josh Smith affords them the opportunity to really evaluate the market over the next few weeks. Atlanta has a few games at home over the next few days so I’m sure they’ll take that time to talk and begin to explore options.

I’m sure it helps that they also won their first game without Al by thirty points.

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