Jets Hire Tony Sparano

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Brian Schottenheimer resigned as the offensive coordinator of the New York Jets yesterday and the team wasted no time in finding his replacement. Speculation was that it would be former Kansas City Cheifs head coach Todd Haley, but nope the Jets went in a different direction. They hired former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano instead.

The Jets officially announced on Wednesday that Tony Sparano will replace Brian Schottenheimer as the new Jets’ offensive coordinator.

“When we sat down with Tony, I knew that he was the right person at the right time for our offense,” Rex Ryan said in a statement released by the team. “I’ve admired his work as a competitor in the division for the past three seasons. His teams were always physical, tough and hard-nosed.” (Manish Mehta – New York Daily News)

I’m not surprised Rex went in this direction as the Jets offense sorely needs some toughness. While the defense has been tough as nails since Ryan took over the offense has continued to be weak, actually soft. Which doesn’t fit for Rex, especially with him wanting to go with a “ground n’ pound” type attack.

For how bad the Dolphins offense was in 2011 (22nd overall) they ranked 11th in the rushing category with 124.2 yards per game. That’s Sparano’s style run, run and run. It helped that he didn’t have a real quarterback to throw out there but regardless his style is too run which will fit in well with Rex’s game plan.

With the Jets wanting to go more towards a rushing attack what does this mean for Mark Sanchez and the development he still needs. Sanchez proved this season that he has a long way to go before being a franchise quarterback and I highly doubt Sparano’s signing will help him get to that level. So what are the Jets to do now?

Well, they still interviewed Haley this morning. The Daily News says that Haley could be brought in as a “passing coordinator to complement Sparano”. This makes total sense as the Jets would bring in someone who can coach the part of the offense, that Sparano can’t. He’d also be able to help in Mark’s development.


Personally, I hate seeing coordinators who can’t coach both sides of the ball but this could actually work for the Jets. Sparano will add the toughness the offense needs while implementing the style of play Ryan wants. While Haley helps to develop Sanchez.

So while its something I’m not a fan of these might be the best moves the team can make this off season.

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