Alfonso Soriano On The Block

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Theo Epstein isn’t done dealing if you believe what he said this afternoon. Hours after the Carlos Zambrano trade was finished the new general manager said he’d be willing to pursue other trades if they “made sense”. Most would assume this means Matt Garza but no today’s rumors surround outfielder Alfonso Soriano.

Hours after the Cubs announced the Zambrano move — a transaction that included the Cubs absorbing $15 million of the $18 million owed Zambrano in 2012, according to a source — Epstein said he would pursue another trade if it made sense moving forward.

Part of that equation could be how much of Soriano’s contract the Cubs would be willing to pay. Soriano, who turns 36 on Saturday, is owed $54 million over the next three seasons. (ESPN Chicago)

After reading this report it sounds like Epstein is trying to talk to any American League team that is willing to listen. Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago says that Theo has spoken with eight teams and that he would be a fit for a team that needs a designated hitter. He even said the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were even interested in him, that of course was prior to them signing Albert Pujols.

There’s also been reports that the Cubbies are willing to eat up to half of Alfonso’s remaining contract. He’s owed $54 million over the next three seasons, which means the Cubs are going to want something pretty good in return.

The reason is at only $9 million per season he comes a very valuable hitter to any team, especially one needing that DH. Yes, he only hit .244 last season and .248 over the past three but he’s still got that same great power he’s always had, hitting 26 homers.

The question will come down to how hard Theo plans to play ball. From the sounds of things it seems like he’s not going to give in easily.

“At some point in the future, if there’s a transaction that makes sense with any of our players that puts the Cubs in a better position moving forward, we are going to pursue it. But in respect to Alfonso, he has power and is an offensive contributor. We can work with him to get the best out of him and see where that takes us.” (ESPN Chicago)

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