Jagr Gets Flipped Off & Fan Cries

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Jaromir Jagr had a huge game in his return to Pittsburgh with the Philadelphia Flyers. He only scored one goal but had plenty of other opportunities, so many that he said earlier in his career that would have been five goals easily. Well the Penguins faithful didn’t take to kindly to him scoring a goal, one going as far as to flip him off as he skated by.

Here’s that video it’s a little hard to see but at the 23 second mark you can see the guy leaning forward to give it to him. On a side note, Flyers fans will bash this guy but is it really anything different then what they do to hated players???? The guys only real crime is wearing a light blue hockey jersey.

Now here’s a video of a young Penguins fan crying at the outcome of tonight’s game via @BeerMeABeer

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  1. Will says:

    Actually I think it’s funny that he flipped off Jagar. I don’t know why you think Philly fans would “bash” this dude for that. We hold our teams to higher standards, we boo our teams for a poor showing. I would expect that other teams boo and flip us off for us winning.

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