Beltran To Cardinals Gaining Steam

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2011

With options dropping from the board it’s starting to look like Carlos Beltran to the St. Louis Cardinals could be a legitimate possibility. Tweets coming from major outlet beat writers and one major St. Louis writer suggest things could happen soon.

@JoeStrauss: For those wondering: Cards may be realizing traction w/Beltran.

It’s no surprise when you consider the other options he had. The two main ones were the Colorado Rockies and the Toronto Blue Jays. Colorado just signed Michael Cuddyer to play in their outfield while Toronto won the Yu Darvish bidding and will look to sign him to a major deal. With them off the table all signs would point to St. Louis, especially at the suggested dollar figure.

@DKnobler: Rockies signing Cuddyer closes out one option for Beltran. Heard yesterday he has at least one offer for $10 mill per year.

And here’s Buster Olney’s tweet from a couple days ago.

@Buster_ESPN: STL is serious entity in the Carlos Beltran talks; he’s a fit, especially with questions about when Allen Craig will be back from surgery.

When you take all of this into consideration I really don’t see how he winds up in St. Louis. The question is how long will it take and what the final deal will look like.

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