Rockie Mountain Cuddyer

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

It appears that Michael Cuddyer could be signing with the Colorado Rockies, well at least according to the Twitter world. Tweets from multiple sources are saying that this could happen and as soon as today.

@TroyRenck: Rockies still firmly in mix to get cuddyer could happen today.

@Buster_ESPN: Rival executives expect that Michael Cuddyer will land with the Colorado Rockies.

I’m wondering how much money the Rockies are offering because I really thought Cuddyer would head back to the Minnesota Twins. Especially after the three year, $24 million dollar offer they gave him. He’d get some job security as well as a salary that not many teams have been offering. If he’s prepared to move on from that then Colorado must be offering something good.

Michael would be a good addition to the Rockies outfield and could enjoy a nice Coors Field boost. Since becoming a full-time start he’s averaged just under 17 homeruns a season but over the last three seasons that’s jumped up to 22 per. If he stays healthy and plays 140+ games I could see him easily hitting 30 plus.

With multiple sources now saying a deal could happen, I’m sure it does. I just still question how much it will be for, could he hit the $10 million mark?

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