Grant Hill Narrows Choices

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2011

With NBA free agents just days away from being able to sign with teams, Grant Hill has narrowed his list to just four teams. They include the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers and his prior team the Phoenix Suns. The Suns have a distinct advantage over all but the others also have things he likes.

Grant Hill has his free agent Final Four, according to sources: the incumbent Suns, the Clippers, the Bulls and the Knicks. Each provides its own opportunities. (David Aldridge –

What I’ll do is just list each team and what they can bring.

Phoenix – Well he’s played there for a few years now and thanks to team trainer Aaron Nelson he’s been on the court for all but three games. After the disaster in Orlando, he’s got to love that. According to Aldridge, Hill also really likes to play with Steve Nash. There’s one big factor that can’t be overlooked his former agent, Lon Babby is the teams president.

Chicago – They had the best record in the Eastern Conference in 2010-11 so they obviously give Hill a chance to win that elusive championship. On top of that the team is a defensive juggernaut, only giving up 91.3 points which was good for second in the NBA. One of Hill’s strong suits is defense but with a team that good, he can just blend in instead of having to always guard the other teams top players. Something he’d have to do with the …..

New York Knicks – The Knicks were the third worst defensive team last season giving up 105.7 points. So yea, Hill would most likely be asked to guard the other teams leading scorer night in and night out, which would take its toll on him. On the flip side, he’ll be getting to play with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. A third wheel with them could catapult the Knicks to an Eastern Conference leader. Knicks also offer Hill the New York market. A place where he could easily make a lot of extra money in endorsements.

Los Angeles Clippers – They’re a young up and coming team that could use some real veteran leadership. That’s something Hill could provide and he’d get to play with the most exciting guy in the NBA, Blake Griffin.

Personally, I think he’ll wind up back in Phoenix. The Bulls have to worry about Derrick Rose, while the Knicks are still trying to save money for next years free agent class. The Clippers could outspend the Suns but at this point in his career I doubt money is what Hill is after.

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