Expect Buehrle To Sign Soon

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2011

With all the offers free agent Mark Buehrle has been rumored to be getting I’d expect him to sign by the end of the Baseball Winter Meetings. So how lucrative are these offers and what teams are interested? Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports answered it all today.

@Ken_Rosenthal: Source: #Twins also on Buehrle, joining #Nationals, #Marlins, #Rangers. Offer not as strong. Others believed 3 yrs in $36-39M range. #MLB

If Rosenthal’s information is correct then I’m a little surprised at the dollar value but they’re very fair offers. I expected more of a $14-15 million per salary, but $12-13 isn’t bad at all. Especially when you look at his age, 32 and the amount of innings he’s thrown.

My thinking is if all teams are within the same salary range then it will come down to what team gives him a better chance to win another championship by the time he retires. Does he go with the Rangers who’ve been to the last two World Series, a team that he’d actually be an ace for right now if they don’t re-sign C.J. Wilson.

Or does he go with the Marlins a team who is spending like madmen this winter as they get ready to move into their new stadium. They’ve already signed Heath Bell and Jose Reyes but said there’s still money left in the bank to upgrade the rotation.

Or does he join the Nationals who are a young up and coming team in a very competitive division. They might be the furthest away from championship contention but boy do they have a nice nucleus. Does Buehrle want to join a team that he may not really be able to win with till the end of that contract?

The Twins, I don’t think will play a part if their offer isn’t close to the other guys.

Should be interesting to see who he picks, he can’t go wrong either way.

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