Dalembert Likes Miami

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2011

With the NBA lockout close to ending its time for the NBA rumors to begin. I expect it to be a lot like when the NFL lockout ended, signings and trades will happen at a pace never seen before. Some players like center Samuel Dalembert are already pitching themselves to the teams they’re interested. Dalembert would love to play for the Miami Heat but says he’d also go a few other places if that doesn’t happen.

“If you look at the playoffs with Dallas, you saw what Tyson Chandler did,” Dalembert said, referring to the 7-foot-1 center who helped the Mavs beat the Heat in six games for the title last June. “He was basically a key ingredient for them to win a championship. And Miami didn’t have somebody like that. Somebody able to stop (foes from) getting second shots and somebody able to rebound and finish. I could fill that role and be an asset for that team.” (FOX Sports Florida)

Samuel made some great points in that quote and I’m sure the Heat had already thought of those before the lockout even ended. Question is was Dalembert the player they were hiring to help fix that. That I’m not sure.

There are only two things I’m sure of here. Dalembert wants to play for a team who can make the playoffs, preferably contend for the title like the Heat. The other is that he’ll have to take a paycut if that’s what his goal.

The Heat would only be able to offer Samuel the teams mid-level exception, just like another one of the teams he’s considering.

“It’s one of my options as well,” Dalembert said of New York, where he spent portions of the offseason working out with Elton Brand, his one-time teammate in Philadelphia. “It’s a building process. It can be similar to Miami when they get all the pieces together. It’s something that can work and they need a big,” he said, adding that if the Knicks get a quality center, Amar’e Stoudemire can play less at center and more at his natural position of power forward. (FOX Sports Florida)

I have no doubt Samuel will have no shortage of options, he also mentions the Houston Rockets as a preferred landing spot. Most teams in the NBA would love to have a seven foot center, who scores eight points a game, eight rebounds and just under two blocks a game. The guy is a nightmare for opposing offenses.

The question is does he care more about the money or the winning. He made over $13 million while playing for Sacramento in 2010-11, I doubt he makes anywhere near that for the 2011-12 season. So does he take even less to play for a winner?

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