Texans Look For Veteran QB

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2011

It’s starting to appear like Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub suffered the more severe LisFranc injury, which would mean his season is coming to an end. Things aren’t definite yet but Schaub has a visit with a foot specialist on Wednesday, after that he could wind up on injured reserve. So what are the Texans doing? Holding auditions for their backup quarterback position.

@McClain_on_NFL: Jeff Garcia and Trent Edwards are working out for texans with Kellen Clemens and Brody Croyle.

I basically had two thoughts after reading that tweet today.

1.) Houston is 7-3 and has a two game lead in the AFC South, they’ve also got a two game lead over potential Wild Card teams. So by looking for a veteran QB it tells me they aren’t quite sure if Matt Leinart can hold the lead. It appears they want a backup plan in case he can’t.

2.) It also tells me the Texans don’t think that rookie T.J. Yates is anywhere close to being able to step in if Leinart were to get hurt. Especially when it comes to a playoff caliber team.

I’m leaning on the tryouts being because of option two, but if I were a Texans fan I don’t know if I’d trust Leinart leading my team when it counts.

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