Liriano To Pitch In Dominicans

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

The Minnesota Twins have changed their tune and are allowing starting pitcher Francisco Liriano to pitch in the Domincan Winter League this winter. Only catch is that he’ll be on an innings limit.

@PMac21: Liriano will throw about 25-30 innings in winter ball — about a half season — Anderson says. He was dealing with arm issues all year.

After the season Liriano had in 2011 I can’t blame Francisco for wanting to get in some extra work this off season. It’s good to see the Twins are allowing it as he definitely could use the work after that debacle.

In 2011, he had a 5.09 ERA over 24 starts. Looking at the raw numbers his main issue was his command as he allowed 75 walks in 134 innings while striking out only 112. That equates to a 1.49 SO/BB ratio almost half of his career rate of 2.52. A career rate that plummeted thanks to that poor performance.

In 2010, Liriano made 31 starts and had a 3.62 ERA with 201 strikeouts and only 58 walks. That was a 3.47 SO/BB. As you can tell a huge difference.

There’s something that stands out between the two seasons and it’s not the stats but the off season preparations. In the winter prior to 2010, Liriano pitched in the Dominican Winter League as he was still working on building up his arm strength after his first full season post Tommy John Surgery.

Last off season, The Twins rejected Liriano’s request and look what happened. He had an off year and complained of arm problems at varying times. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Minnesota compromised this year and they’ll let him get his work in but not too much. What will be interesting to see is if it makes much of a difference. If it does then I’m sure the Twins will allow it again, if not the Dominican’s may never get to see him pitch again.

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