Week 10 NFL Picks

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Last week I took some chances and went with seven road teams winning, surprisingly six of them actually won, including my picks of the Miami Dolphins and the Chicago Bears. Behind those road teams I went 9-4 for the week, I will add that it was quite annoying to have two games with the correct score but the wrong winning teams. I can live with it though as one of them was my Giants. This week I’m not sure what’s going to happen there’s a lot of games that I think are going to be close and pretty much pick ’em types.

As always home teams in caps.

INDIANAPOLIS 16, Jacksonville 10
New Orleans 32, ATLANTA 27
Houston 30, TAMPA BAY 20
CINCINNATI 27, Pittsburgh 24
UPSET – CAROLINA 26, Tennessee 21
PHILADELPHIA 26, Arizona 20
KANSAS CITY 27, Denver 24
Buffalo 24, DALLAS 18
CLEVELAND 20, St. Louis 13
MIAMI 23, Washington 17

Baltimore 24, SEATTLE 16
SAN FRANCISCO 32, New York Giants 26
CHICAGO 30, Detroit 23

New England 27, NEW YORK JETS 23
GREEN BAY 36, Minnesota 30

I’m going with Carolina as my upset based off of Cam Newton’s comments this week. Cam pretty much said his season has been a failure because he doesn’t have the wins. He’s become a leader on that team in a very short period of time and I think a comment like this will get his teammates to rally behind him.

There were two games that I went back and forth with because of late scratches.

Philadelphia – They’ve got no DeSean Jackson today because of his alarm clock not going off and causing him to miss a team meeting (cough cough bullshit). I still think the Eagles will win but lowered the margin of victory. Jackson hasn’t been much of a factor and well the Cardinals don’t have Kevin Kolb.

Washington – They decided to start Rex Grossman over John Beck. I had Miami winning this game but as of hearing this news I thought of flipping this game in the ‘Skins favor. Then I remembered what Grossman did in his last start, four interceptions on 22 passes.

I’ve got the Colts getting their first win this week against the Jaguars. Jacksonville has arguably the worst offense in the NFL and I think they’ll make Indy’s defense look better then it actually is. I also see Indianapolis players starting to play with more fire, much like the Miami guys did, as they near an 0-16 season. They’ve got a winnable game and the guys should come out fired up ready to get off the goose egg.

The late games today should be great.

I’ve got Chicago continuing the roll they’re on by squeezing out a win over the Lions. The reason, I don’t see Matt Forte turning the ball over in key situations again.

Much like last week my heart tells me the Giants will win but because of injuries I just can’t pull the trigger. They get Hakeem Nicks back but could lose Mario Manningham, and there is still no Ahmad Bradshaw. The 49ers defense is much better then the Patriots, so I’m not sure if Eli can carry them to a win again. If he does, his MVP chances could skyrocket (yes, I know Aaron Rodgers has that on lock down).

Patriots / Jets on Sunday Night Football should be a great game. The Jets are on a roll while the Patriots are actually on a two game losing streak. They’re tied for first and the winner is pretty much in control of the division. (Sorry Bills fans, I still have doubts). I think the Patriots pull this one out on the road, there’s no way they lose three straight. They look bad right now but you know Bill has been up their asses all week.

Last Week – 9-4
Season 70-30
UPSET – 4-3
LOCK – 5-2
Correct Scores – 0
Partially Correct Scores – 6

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