Mets Plan To Tender Pagan

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2011

A lot of people would be surprised by this but it appears that the New York Mets will actually tender a contract to outfielder Angel Pagan. The outfielder had a down year but there’s still reason for hope as he had very successful 2009 and 2010 seasons. Although you have to wonder if the risk / reward is worth it for a team with money problems.

The Mets are clearly down on Angel Pagan. But the organization plans to tender the arbitration-eligible outfielder a contract rather than cut him loose at the Dec. 12 deadline, reported.

Pagan earned $3.5 million this past season, so his salary could be $4.5 million or more in 2012 assuming he returns.

That means the Mets likely will shop him before the non-tender deadline. And, while the report stated the Mets plan to tender Pagan a contract otherwise, that conceivably could be posturing so that the Mets don’t lose all leverage in pursuing a trade. (ESPN New York)

If the Mets were doing this to not lose trade leverage then I’m not too sure what they’re thinking. Pagan will get a raise of at least one million and once it reaches that $4.5 million or more amount how much would teams really offer in a trade? I’m not sure if it would be enough to warrant the risk of getting stuck with a contract of a guy who may not be as good as they once thought.

If the Mets are indeed going to tender a deal then I’d say make him a contract and hold off on trade negotiations. I’d bring him in and let him play, just like they’ll probably do with David Wright.

I’m quite sure Pagan’s numbers would improve with the renovations at Citi Field. Throughout his career he’s payed better at home (save the 2011, possibly down season) and those new dimensions could make his numbers at home look even better. If that were the case his trade value could take a major jump or the Mets get a nice bargain.

Personally, I never thought of Pagan being that good of a player but if the Mets were going to tender him, then I truly believe they should just keep him for a while.

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