DUI Makes SDSU Start Shorthanded

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, October 31st, 2011

San Diego State University basketball is going to be starting the 2011-2012 NCAA season very shorthanded. The university only had nine players under scholarship, they’ll be starting the year with just eight active as sophomore forward Jamaal Franklin has been suspended indefinitely for “inappropriate behavior”.

Coach Steve Fisher announced Monday that sophomore forward Jamaal Franklin has been suspended indefinitely for “inappropriate behavior,” which presumably stems from a Sept. 18 campus arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol while under the age of 21. Fisher said Franklin will miss at least both exhibition games at Viejas Arena, Wednesday against Cal State San Marcos and Nov. 7 against Point Loma Nazarene.

“Beyond that, what indefinite means I don’t know,” Fisher said, speaking publicly about the incident for the first time. “I’m disappointed, I’m angry. We all have an obligation and responsibility first to ourselves and our families, and then to this basketball team and this family.

“We speak often, loud and clear, about doing the right things and doing the right things when nobody’s watching. … And when you do things that put you and the program in a bad light, there are consequences.” (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Here’s the deal with his DUI, Franklin was under the legal limit but was charged because of his age. The legal limit is .08 but the vehicle code allows for .07 to be considered driving under the influence if the person was not of legal age.

Regardless, I applaud San Diego State for what they’re doing here. In a time where we have many violations occurring across the country they’re a team addressing an issue as it happens. Not after it hits the media and causes the NCAA to start an investigation.

The university is doing what they’re supposed to do helping young student-athletes grow into adults. They put a very serious incident first not the teams upcoming season. Like I said the team has only eight players now active, four of which who’ve never played or have injury history.

Coach Fisher though is standing by his morals and using his position to teach these young men.

“When you take away a player like (Franklin), that doesn’t help you,” Fisher said. “But that’s all part of what happens when you do things without thinking, things that bring consequences. They don’t only affect the individual. They affect a lot of people.” (San Diego Union-Tribune)

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