Beltran Plenty Of Options

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2011

So we’ve all expected to hear that San Francisco Giants outfielder Carlos Beltran would have plenty of options this off season, especially from the top tier teams but I guess it wasn’t official till today. Why? Because Jon Heyman put names to the player, so now everyone’s got to talk about it. Guess that means I will too.

@SI_JonHeyman: Hearing #redsox may make play for beltran. #giants will be in, too.

Is anyone really shocked by this? I know I’m not, we knew the Sox would be involved, we knew the Giants would and we also know that the New York Yankees will be. I’m also pretty sure the Philadelphia Phillies will kick the tires too.

The question will be what team is willing to pony up the dollar signs over multiple years. Personally, I think it will come down to whatever team that gets that desperation feeling. That feeling that they’ve got to make a move.

Yankees: They’ll feel Beltran out and see how much money he does want since everyone in the Yankees Universe is tired of Nick Swisher disappearing in the postseason.

Phillies: They could use a left fielder as Raul Ibanez is a free agent. Sorry, Philly faithful but John Mayberry Jr is not your answer, unless you’re talking about a platoon. Plus he’ll be needed at first base early on with Ryan Howard out.

Red Sox: JD Drew is finally gone so there is a need for a right fielder. They’ve got no one ready to make that jump to the majors so free agency. Sorry, Red Sox Nation but Ryan Kalish is going to need some minor league seasoning after missing almost all of 2011.

Giants: In my mind this is the most likely destination for him. He was an absolute beast for San Francisco after being trade, he was a completely different player then he has been in New York. He was the force he used to be, batting .323 with nine doubles, four triples and seven homers in just 167 at-bats with most of that damage coming at AT&T Park.

So are one of the big three desperate enough? Was he happier being out of the big city lights? Will he just chase the money? I can’t wait for the World Series to end to start to answer these questions.

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