Floyd Mayweather Jr – NOT GUILTY

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

If it wasn’t for TMZ I wouldn’t even have known Floyd Mayweather Jr had a court case today. He was in court for apparently threatening two security guards in his gated community. Am I surprised he was in court for “making threats”, not all he’s a famous boxer everyone will make those claims for the quick buck. Good thing for him the judge saw threw it and found him not guilty. Here’s the TMZ post.

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Floyd was accused of going ballistic on the guards after they left parking tickets on a couple of cars near his home last fall. He allegedly said — among other things — “My homies have guns.”

Mayweather was in court today to face the misdemeanor harassment charges … when the judge said she was not convinced the guards actually feared for their safety during the incidents. (TMZ)

Like I said earlier everyone throws these “threat” claims out there now and most times people believe Mayweather is guilty each time. So in his honor here is a Jay-Z and R-Kelly video.

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