Week 6 NFL Picks – 2011

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Last week I dropped a dud with my picks, going 8-5. I think this week is going to be another tough week. I’m leaning towards most of the home teams winning but with small victories, so upset potentials are there.

Here are the picks as always home teams are in caps.

LOCK – GREEN BAY 36, St. Louis 16
Buffalo 27, NEW YORK GIANTS 20
CINCINNATI 26, Indianapolis 17
ATLANTA 31, Carolina 27
DETROIT 26, San Fransisco 23
Philadelphia 23, WASHINGTON 18
PITTSBURGH 24, Jacksonville 17
OAKLAND 27, Cleveland 21
BALTIMORE 30, Houston 27
New Orleans 31, TAMPA BAY 23
NEW ENGLAND 34, Dallas 26
UPSET – Minnesota 24, CHICAGO 20
NEW YORK JETS 23, Miami 16

Very quick thoughts this week.

– Green Bay is the obvious lock by playing the Rams

– Most people will go WTF when seeing I took Minnesota as today’s upset but after seeing them last week there is a reason, Adrian Peterson. The Bears currently have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL so I expect Minnesota to just keep pounding the ball. Look for a very boring Sunday Night game.

– Expecting the Jets to beat the Dolphins but to struggle to do so.

– Bills and Lions keep on rolling.

– Eagles struggle with the Redskins but turn their fortunes around by pulling out a late win, instead of a late collapse. The win won’t be convincing enough though to change fans opinions.

– Panthers/Falcons probably one of the best games of the weekend. I think Falcons pull it out at home but if Newtown gets in a passing groove this could be an upset.

– Texans/Ravens is a game I really wanted to see a couple weeks ago. Now that the Texans don’t have Andre Johnson I go ehh whatever.

Last Week – 8-5
Season 44-17
UPSET – 3-1
LOCK – 3-1
Correct Scores – 0
Partially Correct Scores – 4

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