Hopkins Robbed?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Bernard Hopkins was robbed of his WBC light heavyweight belt tonight after injuring his shoulder in the second round. The reason he lost tonight because Chad Dawson pulled a wrestling move by lifting up and then slamming Bernard to the ground. Normally a referee would step in but it didn’t happen this time, no foul was called on the move.

Here’s where the robbery comes into play. When Hopkins wasn’t able to continue due to a shoulder injury suffered in the fall the ref called it a TKO for Dawson. Meaning Hopkins lost his WBC light heavyweight belt.

Here’s the video of the takedown. Vote in our poll after about Hopkins and his belt, which in my mind should still be his.

The more I watch that video, I’m starting to question if Hopkins was really robbed. I’ll hold off till a doctor says if he was actually hurt.

Should Hopkins have been forced to surrender his title?

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