NFL Power Rankings Week 6 – 2011

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

WOW, lots of upsets this past week. Just when you thought the NFL picture was becoming clearer a week like this happens. Let’s take a look at my rankings then I’ll explain.

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Detroit Lions
3. New England Patriots
4. New Orleans Saints
5. Buffalo Bills
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. San Diego Chargers
8. San Francisco 49ers
9. Pittsburgh Steelers
10. Houston Texans

11. Washington Redskins
12. Oakland Raiders
13. Tennessee Titans
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15. New York Giants
16. New York Jets
17. Cincinnati Bengals
18. Dallas Cowboys
19. Chicago Bears
20. Atlanta Falcons
21. Seattle Seahawks

22. Cleveland Browns
23. Carolina Panthers
24. Denver Broncos
25. Philadelphia Eagles
26. Jacksonville Jaguars
27. Minnesota Vikings
28. Arizona Cardinals
29. Kansas City Chiefs
30. Miami Dolphins
31. St. Louis Rams
32. Indianapolis Colts

– I’ll start at the bottom of the rankings, that’s right that’s the Colts at the bottom. What a fall, guess all they really were was Peyton Manning. They pull up the rear because of that blown 21-0 lead in the second quarter of their game against the Chiefs.

– Even thou there were no losses by the Saints or Patriots, the Detroit Lions have earned the right to leapfrog them. As an undefeated team after Week 5 they deserve to be ranked #2. Never did I expect the NFC Central to have two undefeated teams at this point and the last two at that.

– The Bills jump back into the top 5 after their “upset” over the Eagles. Now that the Eagles are 1-4 can I actually call that an upset. Nope, I can’t the Bills are for real …….

– and the Dream Team is not. The Eagles may actually be a dream team, cause they’re dreaming if they think they even have a shot at the playoffs. That team is just a disaster.

– After a couple late comebacks the Giants looked like they were going to pull off another one, till an ill advised pass by Eli Manning got tipped and returned for a touchdown. It was a horrible loss, your classic trap game and now they have to regroup quickly as they’ve got to face those Buffalo Bills next week.

– The 49ers are quickly moving up in my rankings. They definitely look like they’re for real especially after destroying Tampa Bay like they did. If they can stay in the Top 10 we’re in for one hell of a season, you’d have them, Buffalo and Detroit. Wow.

That’s all for now, enjoy your Week 6 action.

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