Maclin Argues With Reporter

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2011

Things are going downhill in Philadelphia and fast!! Last week, Andy Reid got into a verbal sparring match with ESPN Radio’s Mike Mike Missanelli. This week, Jeremy Maclin got into one with a reporter asking a simple question after the teams loss to the Buffalo Bills. The two situations were very different but yet so telling about the mood in the Eagles locker room.

“It just happens,” Maclin said. “There’s no pinpoint reason why you’re turning the ball over. Don’t ask dumb questions like that. It’s not Coach that’s turning the ball over. It’s us out there playing. Period. Watch out. Get out of my face.” (Delco Times)

Here’s the video:

The reporter was simply trying to find out why the Eagles have been turning the ball over so much this year. I think that’s a great question because it’s been a huge problem all season long. Teams know use the strip tactic on every play and you’re bound to come up with a couple. This team just does not know how to protect the ball.

Maclin seemed upset in just having to answer that question but then absolutely lost it when the report asked if it was coaching. While Jeremy has a good point that it’s them out there playing not coach, I have to disagree with him. The reporter had a valid question.

Every team in the league knows that the Eagles can’t hold on to the ball so go for the strip, so wouldn’t a good coach attempt to fix this problem? Wouldn’t a good coach take a little bit of time out of each practice to spend on ball control? Not saying, Tom Coughlin is a good coach but you know he’d address the issue, remember how he turned Tiki Barber’s career around by doing just that.

I think Maclin’s outburst is more of just the frustration building within that locker room. I think between him and Reid it shows that this is a team built of soft players, players that don’t handle adversity well.

This isn’t a team that Philadelphia can get behind cause they’re not a Philadelphia team. They’re not the Phillies, wait ummmmm I’ll say they’re not the Flyers, outside of Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy there’s no one on this team that can take a licking (physically or verbally) and get up and keep on ticking.

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  1. Justin says:

    Is Andy Reid throwing the interceptions also? Andy Reid is a great coach who was forced to put Mike Vick behind center by the fans. Jason Avants fumble was rare and happens sometimes. Vick is a coach killer just like when he was in Atlanta.

  2. LuckyNucky says:

    This is all about Coaching, discipline, and poor direction of game situations. That’s a Coach’s responsibility. These players are so Confused, Right Andy?

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