Zaza Pachulia Bolts For Turkey

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Atlanta Hawks forward Zaza Pachulia has decided he’s had enough and just wants to play basketball. He’s joined the growing ranks of NBA players who said screw this and bolted to play overseas. In a way he’s really just going home as he started his professional career in the Euroleague and on top of that he gets to play for his hometown team.

Days after qualifying for the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Regular Season, newcomer Galatasaray of Turkey announced on Friday the return of big man Zaza Pachulia to Europe’s top competition. (

There’s no word on whether or not the deal has an opt-out clause should the lockout be lifted, but I’m sure it has one. If you’re not playing in China (where the league doesn’t allow them) then a player would be a fool not to get one included in his contract.

Pachulia may just be a back-up big man in the NBA but this shows how dire the NBA situation is, more and more players are taking their talents overseas. The international boys are just going home and the local boys are saying hmmmm there is big money over there too.

Ownership better hurry and work out something before most of their players are making money while they have empty arenas.

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