Cowboys Stung By Injuries, Romo at Risk?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, September 18th, 2011

The Dallas Cowboys offense was decimated by injuries during today’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. The worst part about the injuries was that they all happened at skill positions and really put their quarterback Tony Romo at risk.

Here’s the injuries.

WR Miles Austin – pulled hamstring. Austin went absolutely nuts in today’s game against the Niners, pulling in nine catches for 143 yards and THREE touchdowns. Unfortunately he also re-injured his hamstring and the Cowboys may have to sit him down for an extended period.

HB Felix Jones – separated shoulder. Felix injured his shoulder early on but tried to play through the pain after a nice wrapping up from the medical team. Even still he only wound up with 10 touches, nine as rushes but it obviously shows you how much the shoulder was bothering him.

QB Tony Romo – fractured rib. Romo fractured his rib some point in the second quarter and had to take a good amount of pain killers to just to be able to play in the second half. The medical staff prevented him from doing so after the half but Jason Garrett eventually gave in and allowed him to play. And surprisingly he willed his Cowboys to come from behind and win despite the pain.

What worries me the most is the injuries to Jones and Austin. They’re two players that are keys to the Cowboys success, which is evident by Austin’s three touchdowns today. If both of those guys missed playing time, teams will be ready to blitz at almost will as Tashard Choice and DeMarco Murray are no threat in the running games.

What makes the injuries even worse is that the Cowboys next opponent is divisional rival, the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are undefeated and been really, really blitz happy so far in 2011. After two games they’ve gotten seven sacks but pressured quarterbacks much more then that.

Don’t you think those Redskin defenders will be looking out for the knockout blow and an injured Tony Romo? With no running game to speak of and only one receiver to worry about, they’re really going to be coming after him. It gets even worse when he says that he was struggling to call plays and set-up audibles. If he notices a blitz how can he adjust?

Romo does get an extra day to rest his rib as the game is on Monday Night football but he’s at risk next week. He better have one well padded flak jacket next week.

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